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Innovation by HU-FI, Maurice Vanegas

By Maurice Vanegas "What I do know is that onboarding a member with an EOS account is a lot more than just the cost of the the resources. The real value is how to use and I have 28 people dedicated to the service. What is more valuable is that existing community members are onboarding new community members and explaining the use. The pace is definitely picking up. What I am currently involved and pushing is the special nature of how to use EOS accounts. I will share two examples. One, the use of EOS account holders as sales agents using restricted keys. This means that anyone anywhere can sell for someone else. A company that makes exhibition refrigerators in Valencia, VZ, and the agent that sold one of those refrigerators to someone in San Carlos, VZ. The person paid and the agent received their commission all seamlessly. Two, the use of EOS account as a website. This is a little more complicated to share, but we have it working already. Now it is just about making it nice. We are creating a template that will spit out the code that can be inputed in the EOS account provided by EOS Rapids so that anyone can have their own website with their own POS. No more middle man taking acut of the transaction or making it more difficult to transact. Restricted account for sales agent can allows them to sell anything without being able to do anything else except for the permissions listed. This idea can apply to any smart contract out there. If you sit and think for a minute, the possibilities of a new way to commerce are limitless. Right now we can create an account for 0.2 EOS and I am committed to keep helping until the price of EOS is $50.00. How does that sound? If the price of EOS is $50.00, I will be very happy making EOS accounts for any one that desires them and wants to make a positive impact on the Hu-Fi movement."
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