In my opinion, EOS is on the right track

self.eos1m ago
**Dan is a visionary and inventor**. It is a pity that he does not find a place in EOS. On the other hand, if he wants to reinvent the systems so deeply, I think it's good that Dan can keep inventing without putting EOS at risk. If he invents something that works, EOS can adopt it. I see this as a win-win. ​ **Meanwhile, EOS can continue to work on improving the system** and incentivizing users to want to own an EOS account \* Improve user onboarding \* Improve wallets \* Generate yield opportunities \* Improve SDK's, standards, API's for developers. \* Improve marketing \* Continue and build more ​ **Almost all of this and more is being worked on at full speed** in the Working Groups: EOSIO+, Core+, API+, Wallet+, Yield+, Recover+, Audit+ and some parts also at [EOS Support]( ​ **EOS is on the right track.** That's my personal opinion.