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Ideas on Proof of Location and Attendance

Not to long ago I was thinking about potential uses of a trustless protocol such as the blockchain when I thought of an idea for a blockchain application that can allow users to have a transaction signed or pushed to a blockchain only in a specific place, for example if i were to go to France I may want to acquire a token that proves that I have been to a certain tourist attraction in Paris and i could scan an NFC chip(or the like) that would automatically sign a transaction for me to post to the blockchain that would result in the said attactions token would be sent to my account.

The contract associated with the tokens would have to render the tokens non-transferrable as there for would be no need for them to be and could potentially create a market for the tokens essentially undermining the idea of the project.

There could be more iterations and forks of this idea that would include possibly proving that someone attended a said event. You could check into events proving that you were there; aswell as possibly proving citizenship or allegiance to a specific group.

Potentially some work places might say that attendance of a particular class is mandatory in order to access certain places in the given workplace that present hazards to people who haven’t been trained in specific safety routines. The user could attend the class and have their teacher sign a transaction that places a non-transferrable token in the users account which can be shown to the employer to prove that the course has been attended

Further means of which this idea could be used could be in machine maintenance logging, each machine that needs servicing could have a blockchain identity associated with it and each qualified mechanic has the ability to transfer a token to the associated machine address to prove on the blockchain that this said mechanic has performed a service on that said machine on a particular said position in time.

I would love to know if anyt...

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