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I'm happy to share with you all Bridge Report #2! From East to West learn what is happening in the global EOS community. And this week stories from Africa as well :)

Bridge Report #2

The launch of the EOS mainnet in June 2018 set in motion a grand experiment aimed at testing whether a borderless, decentralized community could collectively devise a set of principles for governance and organization. In order for EOS to succeed as the world’s first governed blockchain, the cultural walls separating international EOS communities from one another needed to crumble. We are proud to contribute to global EOS collaboration by publishing monthly Bridge Reports that are translated into Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Russian and Japanese.

Smart contract upgrades and UI improvements come to ChintaiUsers on the token leasing platform created by EOS42 have been experiencing delays in undelegating their EOS tokens. They are working together with Block.one on modifying the underlying smart contract in order to make these transactions smooth and seamless. Furthermore, Chintai is working on a UI implementation for REX. EOS42 announcement

Block.one releases Elemental Battles, a fantasy coding game to onboard EOSIO developersDevelopers proficient in Javascript and C++ now have access to a free, eight-lesson online tutorial for EOSIO development. The tutorial takes the format of a game set in a fantasy world in which players harness the power of three ancient elements — Wood, Water and Fire — as they engage with the basic building blocks of the EOSIO codebase and learn how to create apps on the platform.

Elemental Battles

Worbli ‘the financial district of EOS’ goes liveWorbli, an EOS sister chain, launches its mainnet with a full list of active and standby BPs. Aside from KYC requirements, Worbli differs from the EOS mainnet in that BPs are selected by Worbli as opposed to voted on by token holders. In addition, RAM markets on Worbli will be stable, making it easier to accurately calculate running costs. Worbli aims to serve as a platform for enterprise-grade, financial services applications. What is unique about Worbli?An explan...

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