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I'm extremely pleasured to announce my return to and reunion with EOS.

*Let me preface. I'm a Bitcoin Cash and Peer-To-Peer-Cash enthusiast, and most of my cryptocurrency holdings are in and will remain in Bitcoin Cash.* **Why did I leave originally?** Well all the talk of Dan's UBI proposal, the growing pains of BP centralization, and Dan's EOS-unrelated showerthoughts were pushing me away as an anarcho-capitalist. Coupled with my despair of the idea of a blockchain based on voting and democracy, too things i dislike very much, i was beginning to wonder if this whole project was a *socialist nightmare*. I left the community and dumped my holdings. **Why did I join to begin with?** Jeff Berwick's kind remarks to EOS, and Dan's very cunning and very intelligent explanation of why he believes this is a necessary technology is what hooked me. I was especially drawn in by the interview they did together on Anarchast (or was it Dollar Vigilante?). My positive thoughts on EOS were particularly centered around its high-performance capabilities, and usefulness in dapps which no other blockchain at the time was fulfiling very well. Having used it, its like a better Ethereum, it just lacks the diverse client support and social network effect. **Why did i choose to come back?** Earlier today i watched u/colintalkscrypto 's video on TLDR: how we strategically was able to push a proposal in through his vote proxy, with the high hopes of reducing BP centralization. This kind of user power and efficacy reignited my hopes on something i once thought was lost. Furthermore no UBI proposal is going through, inflation is being slashed (even below the inflation rate of gold), no mandatory privacy-breaking features, all the bad proposals seem to have gone away. This gave me confidence in the health of the EOS network, specifically with the fact that Dan's authority (although i love him to death) is becoming impotent, and his ideas coming to dead ends or first going through community review. It seems that EOS is already starting to look more decentr...
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