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I have some questions...

Forgive me if these are noob questions as I havnt had time to keep up-to-date on eos. I actually have some time off work in a couple weeks which I'm hoping to use some of to get up to speed. Well anyway... 1) i had eos sitting in my mew, all registered, and in that time I got a couple airdrops to my mew account. My question is after the mainnet swap not all my airdrops went over. Specifically keos & meet.one tokens. I use eosflare.io or esopark.com to check my account and eosdac had gone over? Is this somehing I need to flag or just wait? I assume it should have gone over by now!? 2) I've seen on reddit that I have to create a new account (possibly paid?) To transfer my eos to from exchanges!? Is this true? I'm abit confused as we were given eos account names already from the mainnet swap which I'm using to check my balance!? 3) is the genesis snapshot still used for airdrops or will there be a new snapshot in future? 4) looking at wallets, there's a couple options but afraid of having anything on my pc as it's so unstable, I rather be able to log in anywhere and access so anything that gives me that ability would be nice. I need to spend time reading up on voting/cpu and ram/ staking etc but finding time is hard!! Any answers would be very much appreciated or links forwarded. Thanks in advance!! Edit: I had some eos dust coins on binance and I've gotten airdrops on them, obviously worth nothing as it's loose change but completely different ones!? How come Im receiving dif airdrops on binance and then not to my actual eos account? Sorry for the long post!!
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