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I have finally given up on EOS - The truth

Been following EOS closely since 2017, I purchased EOS during the token sale and during 2018. Today I finally gave up, after lies and false statements. Even if you are a hardcore EOS lover you need to listen to the facts and not be emotionally invested, don’t let your emotion blind you In the end I realized that the token sale that raised 4 billion was perfect for Block.one - but for us that bought the token sale, it was a horrible investment. Imagine paying for the EOS token with all the promises focused on the mainnet when in reality all the money was going into creating the EOSIO software and not the EOS mainnet, to this day I have not heard any good argument on how multiple EOSIO chains will be beneficial or add any real value for the mainnet, zero. Block.one used all the money to create a software that they fully control, in which they can charge money for offering support, as a business the more EOSIO chains they have running the better.... yet for those that invested in the initial EOS token sale it totally fucks our investment. 1) Voice and Blankos Block Party probably the most anticipated apps for EOS will all be running on EOSIO not EOS. Every mention of them actually running on EOS mainnet is extremely vague and is just hope, “in the future we plan to integrate it with mainnet” blah blah blah” yet no real explanation on how exactly. 2) The saddest part is all the hype around it back in the day, the multiple Brock Pierce conferences shilling EOS, to all the hype YouTube videos from Everything EOS and The Awakening shilling EOS to the extreme with all this technicals topics like digital real state, blah blah, all of those promises never happen. And most of those YouTube guys have all disappeared and have quietly moved into other side chains or coins. Sadly quietly admitting they were wrong the whole time, I am sure they look back at those old videos and laugh at all the hopium they had and us too. The perfect example: Rob Finch, the lead cast mem...
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#FELIX SUPER LOTTERY EVENTIn preparation for the launch of #Felix SUPER LOTTERY, a Big #Event will be held.🎗To celebrate thisWe Give 30 $EOS to 6 lucky people.♠ Follow & Retweet♠ Join telegramhtt...