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I got scammed today

After months trying to get the fall back done on my account. Emailing eos authority repeatedly and getting zero response. I posted a question on telegram. I then received a call from a guy saying he was an admin and could help me. I know I'm an idiot but I entered my private key into the website he told me to. That didn't work so he said I needed to enter my ledger phrase. I did that too. Now all my crypto is gone. I know I'm an idiot but it shows just how confusing it all is. I spent countless sleepless nights trying to figure eos out. No one would help. All the info on the Web is out of date. I was very confused and highly stressed. That's how he conned me. Played on my vulnerability. I'm 12k down the toilet. What had promise of turning into something fruitful is now gone. I wasn't in it for me. I was in it to try to leave something for my kids. As much as I blame myself I also blame eosauthority for not making things clear and not responding to pleas for help. I don't think my heart can take this. I was stressed before today and now it's in overdrive. Please be careful. I never would have thought I'd fall for it but I did. It could happen to you too. Good luck with your futures.
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