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I created a simple dapp to help with the EOS CPU congestion.

Currently you need to stake about 4 EOS a day to do one token transfer on EOS mainnet. Because of this, a lot of users are locked out or can't afford to do anything on EOS mainnet anymore. Some mobile wallets and block explorers offer free transactions, but you can only do so many free transactions per day. So I created a simple dapp which allows you to do any number of transactions until the pool resources have been exhausted. You don't need to stake or manage resources yourself, you just need to pay for your transaction usage the next time you use the dapp. You can think of gas fee like Ethereum. I want to encourage people to use EOS mainnet, so I kept the fee rate as a minimum to prevent spam attack. It is currently set at 0.0025 EOS per ms. With this flat rate, a token transfer (assuming cost about 300us) will cost 0.0008 EOS. Here is the dapp url, [https://eosresxpool.com/](https://eosresxpool.com/).
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