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How to play in EOS games without EOS account

Today we are proud to introduce you BingoBet account system that will allow you to play our games without EOS account!

Everyone who has ever worked with EOS blockchain knows how it is hard to create a new account. There are services which help users to do this but even with their help resource management is still a big issue for users. Managing CPU, RAM and NET is too complex for ordinary users who just want to play fair games instead of struggling with all these blockchain specifics. This issue is the main thing that limits scaling for all EOS based projects.

BingoBet team had solved this issue! Today we had launched the first part of the BingoBet account system which is as easy as possible.

How to create BingoBet EOS account?

Now everyone can create BingoBet EOS account in just a few steps:

Set your name. Save your passphrase (And do not lose it!). Deposit funds on your account from any source (small antifraud fee will be paid automatically).

And here you are – all the games are available for you on the BingoBet gambling platform.

What about transparency and safety?

BingoBet accounts are safely protected by our smartcontract – bingobetuser.

This smartcontract is responsible for submitting your signed transactions from your name to the EOS blockchain. So all the gaming transactions are still on blockchain and transparency is the same as for regular EOS accounts.

You still have full control of your funds because your passphrase is not stored anywhere. Your passphrase is the only way to operate with your account: play games and withdraw your tokens.

The Big step to blockchain mass adoption in online gambling.

Now users have no need to install and configure any wallet software and wary about EOS resource management. This is a very important step we made on the way to bring new users to EOS blockchain and cryptogambling.

Follow our news – there will be a lot of new updates in the nea...

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