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How to move your eos after June 1 if you are not on an exchange

To my knowledge, there is no wallet for eos at the moment, once June 1 rolls around you’ll have to import you eos private key to a wallet unless you have your erc20s on an exchange like binance? It’s really shitty they don’t have a wallet beforehand like icx is doing where you can keep it there in the meantime, putting your private keys anywhere where you have to import is always a risk (using mew).
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Amazon‘s ambivalent stance on crypto

In this podcast I'm going to talk about one of the biggest online sales company that could get into crypto in the future - Amazon. Get startet with a Binance...
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EOSmastering talks to: nsjames (Scatter)

Remember when I mentioned how accessable and friendly the EOS space is? Well, here I am interviewing the man, the myth, the legend himself nsjames. The creator of Scatter.  If you don't know what Scat...
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Telegram User Scam Alert

Just a reminder that we at Scatter will never hock loans or try to sell you things. Be sharp and smart about what links you click on inside of Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al.
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Vote or proxy your votes. It’s EASY!

It's much easier than people think to stake coins and vote on EOS, So here's a quick tutorial. Download the EOS Lynx Wallet. Extremely easy to create, import...
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New Innovation on EOS? Adoption?

Bitcoin Betting is now ready on EOSBet EOSBet has become the first on-chain casino to natively accept Bitcoin, with many more currency implementations on t
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Ubuntu Energy Ledger

Disclaimer: Block.one is a software company that is producing the EOSIO software as a free, open-source protocol. This software may, among other things, enab...
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EOS Lottery Now Over 2,000 EOS!

Play Endless Games here: https://endless.game/dice?invite=cryptopickle Support the channel with EOS: cryptopickle EOS 6 Player Texas Holdem: https://pokerkin...