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How to Build an EOS Full Node, as explained by ITAM Network


How to build an EOS full node, as shown by ITAM Network

Preparation(preliminary knowledge)

The most crucial infrastructure of EOS is the BP’s. This is because they not only produce blocks and process transactions, but also provide http end point (access point) to the users. However, even with the tremendous efforts by the BPs, the increasing demands of the EOS users is difficult to keep up with in a fast and safe manner.

The requirements by the DApp developers especially require a great amount of resources depending on the query amount of information, but with the current state where the BPs solely need to manage these loads, it doesn’t look like pressuring to increase the infrastructure of BPs or to simply wait to be a good solution.

Moreover, in the case of DApps that inevitably needs a large amount of Transaction’s Action Data for meaningful action (e.g. requirement of a certain user’s action data in sequential order, or to show the history), synchronizing the block data of the blockchain for the local server may be an option.

However, in the case of EOS, the block size increases at a very rapid speed and the equipment needed for installment has high specification. Thus, the decision to build a Full Node is something to think long and hard about, especially with the money needed to be invested.

This post is to be a reference to those that want to build a Full Node server like this, showing the methods and appropriate system specifications needed. For a technological benchmark, the infrastructure used for base to explain will be AWS.

MongoDB PlugIn

Before building the server, you need to think about if what you are trying to do really requires the synchronization of a Full Node. Most of the time, the main reason would be to fetch (withdrawal/query) the information related to the block data’s history.

Then how would you be able to get the data after the synchronization o...

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