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Hold on to your EOS peeps

Once B1 votes with their 100MM coins all the whale BP's will be ejected from the top 30. Their only option to get back into the 21 is buying their way back in, bringing back the huge volume. That will spell the end to the downtrend and will bring on the next EOS bull run. ATH's here we go. Not to mention all the momentous news and innovation that's going to hit over the coming month to fuel the retail FOMO :-)
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AMA | What Chaince CEO wants to tell you

Oct 31st,2018, Chaince CEO -Peter Wu conducted a two-hour live Q&A session in the Chinese Telegram group(https://t.me/chainceChinesegroup). The users were very enthusiastic and put forward a lot of co...
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Trust Dice : EOS Blockchain Game Experience

Hello, I guess we have blockchain game players here. I want to talk about my playing experience of Trust Dice. Trust Dice is a blockchain based dice game that you can gain more as you introduce the…
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Bravo Protocol | A Thoreau Analysis P

I recently wrote a Thoreau Analysis on a project called BRAVO Protocol where I gave a general overview of the project and detailed why it stood out to me. After doing some research on BRAVO Protocol…
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Roll For Good with KARMA On BetDice

In addition, we are donating an initial 500 EOS to support KARMA’s charities, and will also be donating 10% of the house edge when you play with KARMA. Chat with us on Telegram! https://t.me/betdice…
EOS -10.69% · trybe.one · 23h

Yum.games: My First Dividends (Proof)

This is already the fourth part of the Yum.games series. It was not planned to write a series, but due to the numerous comments I am highly motivated to keep you up to date. My previous articles about...