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GitHub acquired by Microsoft; we need decentralized spaces for source control versioning

GitHub used to be a neutral party, now it is rumoured to have been acquired by Microsoft for $5B. Will Apple, Google, Linux Foundaiton, and everyone else be okay to have their code hosted on Microsoft's platform and adhere to their terms & conditions? Open source code is an important building block of our technology infrastructure, and it's important to avoid having it partly controlled by a centralized commercial entity. Many people [are already moving to GitLab](https://monitor.gitlab.net/dashboard/db/github-importer?orgId=1), signalling that they don't appreciate this move. But how long till GitLab is acquired by another big player? EOS is the only service right now that is posed to create a working decentralized source control web application on top of git. Git was meant to be decentralized, yet we flocked to GitHub for lack of better alternatives. I hope there are BPs that consider the importance of decentralized source control; we don't want our source control to be susceptible to jurisdictional laws, commercial interests, and censorship.
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EOS just stole NEO's most successful dapp

Effect.AI, one of the biggest Dapps on NEO has jumped ship to rival EOS. Effect.AI says “the NEO blockchain sucks” and it’s hightailing it to EOS.
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EOSmastering talks to: CryptoTim

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Coming Very Soon - Trybe Paid Memberships!

Dear Trybers, We are always looking for new ways to give our token a real use case, and I am pleased to announce that very soon we will have one of the very first: Trybe paid memberships. Paid members...