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GitHub acquired by Microsoft; we need decentralized spaces for source control versioning

GitHub used to be a neutral party, now it is rumoured to have been acquired by Microsoft for $5B. Will Apple, Google, Linux Foundaiton, and everyone else be okay to have their code hosted on Microsoft's platform and adhere to their terms & conditions? Open source code is an important building block of our technology infrastructure, and it's important to avoid having it partly controlled by a centralized commercial entity. Many people [are already moving to GitLab](https://monitor.gitlab.net/dashboard/db/github-importer?orgId=1), signalling that they don't appreciate this move. But how long till GitLab is acquired by another big player? EOS is the only service right now that is posed to create a working decentralized source control web application on top of git. Git was meant to be decentralized, yet we flocked to GitHub for lack of better alternatives. I hope there are BPs that consider the importance of decentralized source control; we don't want our source control to be susceptible to jurisdictional laws, commercial interests, and censorship.
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