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Free EOS account creation from Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and it is giving away free EOS accounts!

To create an EOS account is somewhat of a catch 22, as you need to already have an EOS account in order to create one. If you know someone with an EOS account then they can create one for you. There are also some paid services that will create one for you for example: My Wish and EOSVibes EOS Account creator (I have used the latter with no problems).  Spikes in EOS RAM price can cause new account creation to sore in price. At one point a Redditor pointed out the the price of account creation was $29.28 USD!  Dan Larimer even acknowledging the problem with RAM price spikes and made a post “A Three-Step Plan For Lowering EOS Account Creation Costs”

Now for a limited time Infinito Wallet is giving away free EOS Account Registrations on a first-come-first-served basis. This promotion is on a limited time offer and will run until October 14th, 2018. To get an invitation code you must join one of their Community Partners’ Telegram chat where you will find QR codes to use to create your new EOS account.

EOS Arabia: https://t.me/EOS_Arabia

HKEOS: https://t.me/EOS_IO_Hong_Kong

EOS Philippines: https://t.me/eos_ph

EOS Nairobi: https://t.me/eosnairobi

JEDA: https://t.me/eosjapan

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For more information and instructions on how to get your free EOS account please see:




Go to trybe.one
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