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Explain this to me as if I am a Labrador?

Context: I've got registered EOS tokens in Exodus. Problem: I don't know what the fuck is going on and don't have the intellegence nor the will to figure it out. Solution: Can someone here tell me what the fuck is going on assuming that I have the average intellegence of a dim witted Labrador?
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EOS Price predictions 2019 – 2020 and some good news

EOS Introduction and Block.one software : EOS a project by block.one ,decentrlize crypto Project is basically design to support all kind of software and applications on commericial scale developement...
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EOS just stole NEO's most successful dapp

Effect.AI, one of the biggest Dapps on NEO has jumped ship to rival EOS. Effect.AI says “the NEO blockchain sucks” and it’s hightailing it to EOS.
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EOSmastering talks to: CryptoTim

Hey yall! It's EOSmastering once again straight outta the Internet talking to my man CryptoTim.  What's up CryptoTim? What's the deal with you? You just came out of nowhere,  and now you are creating ...
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Coming Very Soon - Trybe Paid Memberships!

Dear Trybers, We are always looking for new ways to give our token a real use case, and I am pleased to announce that very soon we will have one of the very first: Trybe paid memberships. Paid members...