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ETH holder here but not a maximalist

I'd like to think that most of the folks who got in early on Eth are people who are passionate about technology and the promise for something better. So here I am looking at eos through fresh unbiased set of eyes. I've done enough research to engage on this thread and get your perspective on the following. You might cringe at my questions because they are the de facto standard questions which are being asked but please be patient. If you can please provide the community's position on the following 1) merkle trees: vitalik says eos lacks that capability but eos insists that it does... what's the disconnect? 2) current erc20 token: it's kinda ironic that eos is using Ethereum. 3) if eos offers 0 tx fees how will it be monetized or is the intent that it's to be a free protocol like tcp/ip 4) how does eos plan to catch up: after all Eth does have a long head start and what do you foresee as some of the challenges that it must over come 5) not to drill in aspects of question 4 but what mile stones is this community looking to reach and what's the time frame around them Edit: disregard question 2 actually... even Elon Musk used a gas operated car while developing tesla... I can see why eos would use ethereum to kick things off.
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Andrés Palmar on Twitter: "Recent events in the $EOS world have been very bullish. #EOSFoundation, @EdenOnEos, Pomelo.io, @Bullish, and more. However, there is a hidden diamond and it is called: EOS NFT. So I have prepared this thread so that you know the jewels that you will find here"

Recent events in the $EOS world have been very bullish. #EOSFoundation, @EdenOnEos, https://t.co/Df8CLlDcym, @Bullish, and more.However, there is a hidden diamond and it is called: EOS NFT. So I have...