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EOSTARTER: Completing the Trifecta of New EOS Project Development

EOSTARTER: Completing the Trifecta of New EOS Project Development

The EOS mainnet has recently been the recipient of some exciting project announcements that aim to jump-start project innovation and deployment of capital on EOS. Those are Pomelo, Eden on EOS, and of course EOSTARTER. This article will explain how these three projects can work in unison to multiply their respective positive output on the EOS mainnet.

First let’s briefly go over what each of these projects are:


Utilizing the quadratic funding mechanism, Pomelo will empower the EOS community to build “public goods” for the benefit of the entire EOS ecosystem. This project is being developed by EOS Nation and EOSAsia with a grant of $631,000 from Block.One. Block.One will also be contributing to Pomelo’s initial funding matching pool. Pomelo is tentatively scheduled for release later this year (2021).

Eden on EOS

Eden on EOS is the first incarnation of the political playoff system developed and explained by Dan Larimer in his book More Equal Animals. The Eden process is a revolutionary method by which a community can come to consensus in a fractal manner and select representation. This method redefines how democracies can work to empower communities and more importantly provide a meaningful voice of the participating community members. Eden on EOS is leveraging this playoff process to select trusted, transparent, and honest members of the membership to assume the responsibility of allocating community funds. These allocations are meant to be deliberately targeted at projects, teams, and individuals who are aiming to improve, enrich and expand the EOS ecosystem. Eden on EOS is hoping to host it’s first official membership election later this year (2021).


EOSTARTER is the first EOS focused community-powered incubator and launchpad. The primary focus of EOSTARTER is to deploy projects onto the EOS mainnet while providing the commu...

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