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EOS8 Index, a marketcap weighted index of EOS tokens.

[marketcap.one](https://marketcap.one) recently announced EOS8 Index, a marketcap weighted index of EOS tokens. The index selects 8 of the top EOS-based tokens and it's designed to serve as a benchmark for EOS token performance. ​ Rules for inclusion are: \- native token on the EOS blockchain \- no stablecoin or pegged to other asset \- marketcap of more than $1 million \- traded on at least 3 exchanges \- daily trading volume of more than $5,000 on independent exchanges ​ From these requests, the index has sorted the following 8 tokens: pEOS ($PEOS), Everipedia ($IQ), [MEET.ONE](https://MEET.ONE)($MEETONE), Paytomat ($PTI), LiquidApps ($DAPP), TokenPocket ($TPT), EDNNA ($EDNA) and DICE ($DICE). ​ You can track the performance of the Index at [index.marketcap.one](https://index.marketcap.one). ​ Read more: [https://medium.com/@marketcapone/introducing-the-eos8-index-by-marketcap-one-a-marketcap-weighted-index-of-eos-tokens-a34f2e1c87b3](https://medium.com/@marketcapone/introducing-the-eos8-index-by-marketcap-one-a-marketcap-weighted-index-of-eos-tokens-a34f2e1c87b3) EOS Go News: [https://t.me/eosgo\_news](https://t.me/eosgo_news) EOS Go TURBO: [https://t.me/eosgo\_turbo](https://t.me/eosgo_turbo) https://i.redd.it/4f11xxzvkif31.png
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