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Fresh News EOS Community💥 ​ 🌟Eden First On-Chain Election took place‼️ ​ 🌟Do you have questions and need help in the aspect of EOS? Now EOS User support service is here to help ​ 🌟Wombat wallet just got easier to be used ​ For more details 🧐⏬ ​ 🎯As a result of the First On-Chain election, all new members will get 200 EOS 🪙 Read More about: [shorturl.at/gjxL9](https://shorturl.at/gjxL9) ​ 🎯Thanks to the EOS Support service problems and questions about EOS can be solved and answered with the help of trusted and trained support agents.💪 Check out their website: [https://eossupport.io/](https://eossupport.io/) ​ 🎯Everyone has experienced the struggle from the long strings while sending NFT's and Crypto. Thanks to the Wombat this is no longer a challenge. ​ 🌟You may also want to check out our article about using a Wombat wallet and getting rewards through voting for proxy🧐 [https://stake.is/TO/](https://stake.is/TO/) https://preview.redd.it/szjcac35p8t71.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4b3ba1cf6c8b8aa7caa7e41ab40c78b0b339f962
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I am disappointed from #Crypto #Media! #Cryptocurrencies are here to change the world 1) Eden on EOS demonstrated a working #fractaldemocracy. No word. EML and EOSMarketplace.io helping the unbanked. Over 1000 businesses! No word. Just because it's on #EOS?

I am disappointed from #Crypto #Media#Cryptocurrency are here to change the world1) https://t.co/6fZBKZD9pR demonstrated a working #fractaldemocracyNo word2) EML and https://t.co/zn6kYdMV8K helping th...