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EOS: Weekly Updates from Everstake!!!

EOS Weekly Updates are HERE 🔥 🎯Eden First On-Chain Election is closer thank you can Imagine. Want to hear more and participate⁉️ Read In Detail Here: [https://bit.ly/2YmJL82](https://bit.ly/2YmJL82) 🎯Read about the current state of EOS from EosNFoundation: [https://bit.ly/3uOIenA](https://bit.ly/3uOIenA) 🎯Check out article about the EOS: The Comeback King‼️ Learn More about investment possibilities, future grants and more: [https://bit.ly/3Db5pes](https://bit.ly/3Db5pes) https://preview.redd.it/o2y5qd9wdtr71.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=03fe90b4325350771b74ef988951ab392210d045
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Fractal Democracy: A Primer

Today’s software engineers and economists are pioneering governance experiments based on blockchains, which provide a transparent and verifiable substrate on which to assemble societies' future…