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EOS web shop templates with hosting on EOS mainnet - The implication of the mentioned example is mind blowing 馃く - News from Venezuela and Mr. EOSMicroloan

News from [http://t.me/MrEOSMicroLoan](http://t.me/MrEOSMicroLoan) in the EOS telegram channel [https://t.me/bullisheos](https://t.me/bullisheos) ​ Hello. The system is already able to take on any country. All is running on the EOS mainnet and the server supporting the website has plenty of RAM and happy to purchase even more if the need arises. There is more to come to support the EOS Market Place experience by empowering every user with their own website that is the same as their EOS account name. I am working on leveraging the product EOS Rapids is releasing (check [https://net.inc](https://net.inc/)) to assist users with the deployment of the code. Web Shop templates: [https://emptemplate1.eos.cab/](https://emptemplate1.eos.cab/) [https://isaacvaateos.eos.cab](https://isaacvaateos.eos.cab) [https://eosrodriguez.dapp.surf/](https://eosrodriguez.dapp.surf/) [EOSmarketplace.io](https://EOSmarketplace.io) only supports the three best products, the loss-leaders is what I would like to call them. The new tools will support as many items as the user wants to add. The POS will use the createloan action of the eosmarketplc contract. The implication of the mentioned example is mind blowing 馃く. The implication is that any developer can use any smart contract that is deployed on the mainnet to augment the functionality of any idea. From the onset, I decided to focus on EOS for many reasons. The main one being that we dilute our efforts to combat the oppressing nature of how our liquidity is created into existence if we offer too many choices. How I see it is that we need to focus on one mainnet and educate as many people possible to the uses. After a certain level of healthy adoption that begins to empower individuals, then let the competition continue. We are hurting ourselves with time when the intellectual power is being spread out amongst many chains. The second one being that EOS is the best!馃槢 - Easy of programming, C++ libraries, deployment of smart...
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