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EOS Studio Streamlines Blockchain App Development with their Cross-Platform IDE

EOS Studio Streamlines Blockchain App Development with their Cross-Platform IDE

Phil Li, CEO of Obsidian Labs, tells us about EOS Studio, a Cross-Platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE). EOS Studio is their end-to-end solution that aims to be the standard tool for app development on EOSIO.

Could you introduce EOS Studio to us?

Phil Li: EOS Studio is a cross-platform IDE for blockchain application development on EOSIO.

By integrating numerous tools required in EOSIO into a graphical interface, EOS Studio can help developers improve their efficiency substantially throughout the entire app development process. It can also help people who are new to EOSIO get started with app development easily.

In just three months after our release, we attracted thousands of developers and received very positive feedback. Many blockchain application development teams in the community have already used EOS Studio as their standard tool for developing apps. We hope EOS Studio can help to incubate more quality blockchain applications on EOSIO in the future.

Why did you decide to create a Cross-Platform IDE?

Phil Li: When developing EOSIO apps, many developers face the problem of having to learn different tools, manage them separately, and operate them on the command line. Our initial idea was to build an IDE to bring those EOSIO-related tools together in a graphical interface as a single application. We think this would significantly help EOSIO developers when they are working with complex codes or smart contracts. We spent a few weeks to implement this idea as a proof of concept, tested it in a small EOSIO developer group, and received very positive comments and support. This encouraged us to keep improving EOS Studio.

How does EOS Studio help developers?

Phil Li: EOS Studio provides a powerful and easy-to-use environment for app development. We designed it to be a platform that covers the entire app development process. ...

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