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EOS – State of Onboarding - January 9

This is going to be a shorter summary, as over the holiday and given the tight crypto winter, not much has happened. And as regards technical considerations i have adressed in a recent more longer term article: EOS Peeking under the hood (so if you are interested, read on there).

So let’s take a look at the raw data. For one, the account snapshot provided by EOS New York: As of yesterday there were 643195 accounts created:

Although we are closing in on the 1Mio accounts, the rate of new accounts set up has decreased significantly, from over 3K accounts a day to a little bit above 2K. Not really impressing unfortunately. Let’s look at active accounts, which shows, how many of these are actually used. This figure is brought by coinmetrics.io:

The good news is, we have seen another spike, which resulted in an increase of about another 10% to the previous number. Unfortunately – again – looking at the chart, the curve is flattening over the past month. Certainly not a positive sign either. It could still just be the indicator of the bear market (BTC and ETH active accounts have been dropping in that period).

Dapp Usage

EOS has been framed as a gambling platform, which currently still holds true, despite the blow many have gotten from hacks etc. Gambling Dapps still the main utility on our blockchain:

The number of Non-Gambling Dapps in the top 50 has slightly increase from 14 to 17. But more importantly, daily users of non-gabmpling apps (although still few) spiked from only about 15K to 27K users, this is really good, and demonstrates that interest is picking up (even if it is still within the community.

I believe it is a perfect indicator what promising dapps will be able to accomplish. The choice still might be quite limited, but there are now a few really intriguing things coming out, which  eventually might stirr the onboarding we are hoping for, maybe it will be more on the gaming side, but things like karma, do off...

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