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EOS Rio – Ask Us Anything Live (1 p.m. EDT)

Hello everyone, we will be answering questions on [our live](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNH9_NiCNE8) as of 1pm EDT (5pm UTC). You can leave your questions here or on the chat on the youtube video. We will discuss all the questions on the live video. Any questions posted after the live ends will be answered here. **What is EOS Rio?** EOS Rio is a Block Producer candidate based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts and EOS supporters. Our goal is to build a reliable Block Producer infrastructure and grow the EOS community in Brazil and South America. We have been making some tools for the community, such as a sandbox environment for developers (the Dev Playground), a control panel for other Block Producers (the Node Governor) and a tool to map and optimize network topology (EOS Beat). **Useful links:** * [Website](https://eosrio.io/) * [Dev Playground](https://playground.eosrio.io/) * [EOS Beat github](https://github.com/eosrio/eosbeat) * [Node Governor github](https://github.com/igorls/eos-node-governor) * [Steemit](https://steemit.com/@eosrio) * [Telegram group](https://t.me/eosrio) * [Youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5aslySB2QP_v8dyMMBcTxw) Thank you very much!
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