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EOS Mainnet Launch is still on Schedule for June 2: EOSIO Dawn 4.0 is now on GitHub

EOS mainnet launch date is approaching fast. The community is both excited and anxious for the event scheduled to take place June 2, 2018, 22:59:59 UTC. EOS tokens are going to be frozen exactly at this time and the launch of the much-awaited mainnet will take place shortly after. EOS.IO is software that is essentially a blockchain developed and designed for both vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. It is more or less a framework on which applications can be built.

EOS.IO blockchain will provide for the creation of accounts, authentication, synchronous communication, databases as well as the scheduling of apps on various CPU cores and/or clusters. It is going to be a blockchain that is able to scale millions of transactions per second while at the same time, getting rid of the user fees and enable operation of dAPPS. In short, it is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the crypto industry.

Introducing EOSIO Dawn 4.0

It is a major pre-release of the EOSIO and is an improvement on the EOSIO Dawn 3.0 released last month. EOS development team introduced us to Dawn 4.0 last week and this week they are excited to bring us up to speed with the touch-ups on the software.

Dawn 4.0 RAM Allocation

The team still maintains that no one will get “cheap” RAM or “free profits”. This is to clear the many questions from members who believe that some members could buy cheap RAM way before all the members are on the chain. To solve this, members are advised to start with a limited supply of RAM on the chain and later expand it in the initial two months. Moreover, “Only those who really need RAM or who factor in future RAM supply when bidding will buy the initial RAM. Either way, no one will get “cheap” RAM or “free profits”.”

An update on the network status indicates that the test network with the nodes located in Asia, the United States and Europe are working well as expected and no issues have...

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