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Hey guys. I'm planning to create a token soon, was hoping you may be able to give me some advice. I'm not going to be ICOing the token, but I will be distributing individual tokens. Each token has a value of about USD$1. I originally planned to do this with an ERC20, but I'm becoming concerned with the fees to distribute the tokens. Even though I'm only wanting to send one token worth USD$1, it's still going to cost me something like $3\-7 in gas. I'm now thinking EOS might be the better platform for me. Will there soon be an as\-easy\-as\-ERC20 token standard for EOS when it's released? I'm not super technical and this isn't some flashy technology ICO play where I'm raising millions of dollars to fund development. Hoping there's a decent community around EOS that can help out. Thanks in advance!
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