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EOS Go livestream day 5

EOS Go Launch Party - Day 5, Show 1 of 2 - Potential EOS Launch Day. See timestamps to watch all our guests, and schedule below that for the entire party!

Start - 0:39
EOS Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2:25
EOS-PH in Phillippines - 21:18
Wancloud in China - 32:30
Bitspace in Norway - 45:21
OneChain in China and Ashe Oro in Thailand - 59:11
EOS Nairobi in Kenya - 1:25:13
Sam Sapoznick in California - 1:47:30
EOS Meso in Guatemala - 1:59:42
(update - we found out about the volcano eruption during this video - our thoughts are with the people of Guatemala. Jose from EOS Meso had shown us the volcanic activity yesterday, day 4, before the eruption took place)
EOS Nation in Canada / China - 2:13:09
NodeONE in South Korea - 2:35:35
EOS WTZ in China - 2:47:37
eos BlockSmith in USA - 3:01:45
Disco! - Continue on youtu.be

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