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EOS Go livestream day 5

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EOS Go call to action and final thoughts from Kev & Bluejays - 3:22:16


Day 5 of the historic EOS launch weekend! Celebrate with seven live shows over five days, featuring 50+ teams from around the world. The EOS community came together to help everyone stay updated during launch. This is a historic event that will only happen once, let's party!


Day 1: EOS Go Launch Party - Day 1 - Prep Day: https://youtu.be/n0LoqfIhUWc
Day 2: Friday June 1st - EOS Go Launch Party - Day 2 - EOSIO 1.0 Code Release Day: https://youtu.be/WJVi8DOmSvw
Day 3: Saturday June 2nd (code release day): https://youtu.be/44CMEyKZa1A
Day 4: Sunday June 3rd, two shows (potential chain launch day):
First stream: https://youtu.be/pgQwNS-WmQI
Second stream: https://youtu.be/FIGRRfr6LjA
Day 5: Monday June 4th, two streams (voter activation day):
First stream: 7:00am EDT - 10am EDT // 11:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
Second stream: 6:00pm EDT - 9:00pm EDT // 22:00 UTC - 01:00 UTC

Read about the launch party shows:
Updated party info: https://busy.org/@eosgo/eos-go-launch...
Original announcement: https://busy.org/@eosgo/biggest-eos-l...

PODCAST - search for EOS Go or EOSRad.io to find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and everywhere else. Uploaded within 12 hours after the live show.

Telegram: EOS Go Community Updates - https://t.me/eosgo_announcements
Twitter - https://twitter.com/go_eos
BP Research Site: https://bp.eosgo.io
Forums - https://forums.eosgo.io

Kev & Bluejays, Co-founders of EOS Go

Jenny (@TopKpop) - Freelance/Consulting Media Specialist & Stand-in Host


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