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EOS Game World seems like a scam

I put four eos into red and blue to test out the game the other day when the second round started. I entered both about 30 minutes after the beginning of the round. Buy in price was about .0013 per key Both of these accounts grew by about an eos an hour for the first two hours. Then stopped. The first hour it went from about 1700 eos to 2300 eos. The second hour from 2300 to like 3500 We're now at 5434 eos in the pot, and my earnings have gone up about .2 from a pot size of 3500 to 5434. This is super fishy. And I'd steer clear of this game. By the early metrics I should have made back my money by now, but it appears set up so that investors recoup about half of what they put in.
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