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EOS: Enlightened Open System

EOS is called Enlightened Open System by divinespirit and affliates Enlightenment begins with a platform for change. Congratulations to everyone that has contributed to the launch of EOS in countless ways! To achieve this enlightenment we need two additional things: 1. We should have a Fair Trade agreement. Calling everyone to contribute to #FairTradeEOS, eos account fairtradeeos. [https://github.com/High5Software/EOS-Enlightened-Open-System/blob/master/FairTradeEOS](https://github.com/High5Software/EOS-Enlightened-Open-System/blob/master/FairTradeEOS) 2. We also need to make it free and easy to establish and create an EOS account for everyone #AreYouReadyEOS. [https://raw.githubusercontent.com/High5Software/EOS-Enlightened-Open-System/master/Are%20You%20Ready.pdf](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/High5Software/EOS-Enlightened-Open-System/master/Are%20You%20Ready.pdf) These are draft proposals looking for input by the community.
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Trade crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage in the first crypto exchange in the world built by real exchange engineers.
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