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EOS Digest: stalled development progress, falling prices, a deadlock in the voting discussion, and the bright side

Addressing the issues

We at Lumi Wallet are deeply interested in the development of the EOS blockchain, that’s why we are implementing it in our own product and thoroughly monitoring all the news related to it, month after month, so that we can give to you, our readers, the most comprehensive EOS Digest out there. But our likings can not stand in the way of an open discussion of the problems that have been haunting the blockchain lately. That’s why in this issue we’ll focus on topics that should be addressed, such as a stalled development progress, falling prices, and a deadlock in the voting discussion.

Block.one News (Updates on 1.8 Upgrade and Strategic vision)

The most important news from July from Block.one was the stable release of EOSIO Version 1.8.1. This exact release introduces the foundations needed to facilitate the activation of the consensus protocol upgrade. These mechanisms will allow a two-thirds majority of active block producers of EOSIO blockchains to activate features individually to modify the protocol rules when completing the upgrade.

The release marks major enhancements for EOSIO and paves the way for the future improvement of the network, but for that to happen, the majority of block producers have to go through a change of protocol rules and alignment for the upgrade to be successfully deployed.

And additionally, the previously introduced State History Plugin has also been promoted to a stable product that is ready for use in production environments.

In the previous digest, we reviewed the first part of a four-part series on EOS Strategic vision, the article focused on the vertical and horizontal scalability of the blockchain and Block.one’s plans to maximize its efficiency.

To date, they have released two more, EOSIO Strategic Vision Part 2: Tooling EOSIO for Developers, and Part 3: Blockchain users.

The first article focuses on enhancements for developers and the too...

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