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🔔 EOS Blocktivity Modifications 🔔 50M+ Operations in 24hrs!! 🚀

​ [blocktivity.info](https://preview.redd.it/n71lexekiyx31.png?width=941&format=png&auto=webp&s=dca413efc8543e1bf98b7777a9bf006fd1cde22b) [blocktivity.eosnation.io](https://preview.redd.it/cmjfc7yliyx31.png?width=1007&format=png&auto=webp&s=3342d04b418c6a282595837ace76e2202a1fc345) Users visiting [blocktivity.info](https://blocktivity.info) were pleasantly surprised today when the amount of activity on the EOS network showed more than 50M operations in the last 24 hours! This is more than double the numbers recently posted, what happened? While it is true that the EOS network is currently being utilized more than ever before, today's surge in blocktivity's operations metric was caused by an update we pushed to our blocktivity smart-contract that is responsible for counting operations. Turns out, we were missing some smart-contracts! We noticed action count discrepancies in the inline\_traces for some of the smart-contracts pushing actions on the EOS public network. We are now pulling the actions from the execution\_trace instead of the action\_trace and then filtering for duplicates by using the combination of act\_digest & ordered global\_sequence. This should result in a higher count for those smart-contract accounts that were previously not accounted for. Recent server side code changes can be found here: [https://github.com/EOS-Nation/blocktivity-eosio-stats/commit/3a114d56ed4f7f00e49d112baf910d947e589d90](https://github.com/EOS-Nation/blocktivity-eosio-stats/commit/3a114d56ed4f7f00e49d112baf910d947e589d90) Big thanks to [dfuse.io](https://dfuse.io) 👏 for offering such a robust history solution for EOS public network! Our open source solution for monitoring EOSIO blockchain activity is currently powering the statistics shown on [blocktivity.info](https://blocktivity.info) (EOS) and [blocktivity.eosnation.io](https://blocktivity.eosnation.io) (EOS, WAX, BOS, MEETONE, Jungle, Kylin).
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