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[EOS] – Block.one’s Innovation Hub EOSIO Labs Has Released the EOSIO Explorer

Block.one, the developer of EOS smart contract platform has released an EOS development toolkit that is designed to make it easier for developers to interact better with their apps during development.

Announcing the development through a Medium blog post, the EOSIO Labs team said that,

“Block.one is pleased to announce the release of EOSIO Explorer, a new web-based graphical user interface to improve the developer experience of interacting and monitoring EOSIO-based applications and networks in development.”

The main functionality of the EOSIO Explorer is improving the experience coding for developers, giving them an alternative to the current command-line interface that is less visually appealing to most developers.

“Using the EOSIO Explorer and their browser, developers can now easily explore blocks in their development nodes, create and manage their development accounts and keys, quickly generate new transactions or resend transactions sent previously, upload smart contracts via a graphical drag-and-drop interface and use other helpful features,” 

The new explorer is both functional for platform developers as well as developers of third-party decentralized applications.

“The tool has been built with developers and development teams in mind, supporting both smart contract developers and front-end EOSIO app developers.”

And now that EOS has been in competition with leading smart contract platform Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX] platform, the Explorer should give developers a more potent excuse to try out building their applications (dApps) on the platform.

The new explorer serves two functions; that is it offers both blockchain and dApp inspection features and interactive features for the developers. The first purpose of the toolkit allows developers to “view connected blockchain information, individual block, transaction and action details, and accounts details with associated smart contrac...

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