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EOS-based NFT Art Gallery Pixeos delivered a new product for physical artworks!

Pixeos partnership with Caer Sidi brings NFC technology to blockchain connecting NFTs with physical objects. Meet our first physical artist Natalia Gedranovich, and get a better understanding of how Pixeos Phygitals work securing your physical art 🔒 \-------------- [Pixeos](http://pixeos.io/), an art, and collectibles company is proud to announce a major development update — Pixeos proprietary NFT tech now connects to Near Field Communication tags powered by [Caer Sidi](https://caersidi.net/) to assure immutable digital provenance to physical artworks and life long royalties traceable via a distributed ledger. We are thrilled to welcome our first physical artist, [Natalia Gedranovich](https://gedranovich.by/en/paintings/) from Belarus! [Pixeos](http://gallery.pixeos.art/) is honored to have such a great artist joining this new initiative so we asked [Natalia](https://gallery.pixeos.art/profiles/natallia-gedranovich) to tell us more about her art and herself in a *short interview.* Full article: [https://medium.com/@pixeosgallery/pixeos-welcomes-first-ever-physical-artist-to-its-gallery-2c592a9eab](https://medium.com/@pixeosgallery/pixeos-welcomes-first-ever-physical-artist-to-its-gallery-2c592a9eab)
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