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EOS Bangalore meetup - First hand experience of community involvement - Really amazing.

Went for my first DLT meetup (So EOS was the first ;-) ) which happened in Bangalore. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much, and sometimes it feels good when things don't go exactly as per your expectations. Here are my takeaways/observations: - People who attended knew the space and things going on. It wasn't like non-knowledgeable people attending and the organizer just educating them about EOS. - Not only EOS but people also knew decently about other projects happening in the crypto space. - Would be around 20-25 people in attendance. - Mostly devs. - There were a couple of projects people were working on to deploy on EOS. 1 of them already being on Ethereum and in presale. - One of project personnel were also contemplating of trying for a block producer position. - People were excited about EOS. They could see the potential benefits. - Most people agreed that the immediate major USP for people to start using/converting to EOS was speed & scalability. This wasn't a very publicly announced meetup, nevertheless, I'm very glad about the kind of people attending, their enthusiasm and willingness to adopt EOS. All in all, I have been excited about EOS, but having a first hand experience of the community (that too just a small piece), I am even more excited now about the future of this project and the ecosystem around it. Something special is happening. :-)
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EOS extended to Dsx @eos_io #crypto #cryptocurrency $EOS pic.twitter.com/I73NQPDJY5— CoinsFlare (@coins_flare) February 20, 2019
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