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EOS & ADAMANT (DPoS) Protocol Projects

ementing DPoS in a revolutionary messenger and data-transfer platform with unsurpassed anonymity and usability, complimented by an integrated payment system. For businesses, ADAMANT presents a consistent and reliable network information exchange along with a smart and flexible mutual settlements system, ultimately serving to reduce corporate operation costs. The ADAMANT platform has a unique position in the market, providing a reliable and robust alternative to other centralized encrypted data transfer platforms developed by predominant technology firms. Its main benefit is the elimination of covert proprietary source code that is the primary driver of informational leakage and unwanted data usage in current data-transfer platforms. The ADAMANT integrated payment system is fully self-sufficient; the ADM token operates independently from all other services and blockchains. The token will be used as a transfer fee for messaging, direct payment and other additional system functions in order to maintain the whole network infrastructure.

The EOS token has experienced a meteoric rise as a result of its innovations in the market, rising 58% from April 11–13, 2018. This anomalous price explosion is attracting a flock of investors, signalling a massive market shift sympathetic to DPoS technology, which has placed ADAMANT in a unique position as a forerunner in the field.

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