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EOS & ADAMANT (DPoS) Protocol Projects

What Do ADAMANT & EOS Have in Common? ADAMANT & EOS — Similarities.

The ADAMANT and EOS blockchain platforms have emerged in-response to industry demands for a more robust infrastructure for the development of decentralised applications. Their appearance on the market signals a wave of fundamental advancements in blockchain technology, as their speed, efficiency, security and scalability are currently unparalleled amongst other blockchain platforms. ADAMANT and EOS are part of a holistic blueprint for a globally scalable blockchain society, their open-source nature is generating seemingly limitless iterations of the technology — cracking open a veritable treasure trove of investment opportunities.

Part of the appeal of the ADAMANT and EOS platforms is their implementation of the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) protocol for the creation of new blocks. This algorithm utilises a cooperative rather than competitive process for block creation, reducing the frequency of blockchain forks and dishonest producers. The effects of network fragmentation and double-production are reduced as minority forks are invalidated by the verification process characteristic of the DPoS framework. Block producers (delegates) are selected by token-holders by a continuous voting process; and unreliable producers are organically groomed from the system — making the DPoS algorithm the most robust process of blockchain consensus.

The number of block-producing delegates present on the network at any one time is capped at 101. Their selection relies on the share of votes they receive from the ADAMANT community — any token holder with 50 ADM in their wallet can cast a vote supporting up to 30 potential delegates. Votes can be redacted by community members, allowing for reflexivity in the delegation process, which is central to the robustness of the ADAMANT infrastructure as negative delegate behaviour is responded to organically by the community.

ADAMANT is impl...

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