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EmpowermeEOS is a project aimed at Empowering young people (in mostly rural areas who don’t have mobile phones) by giving them technology, education, and mentorship towards attaining economic freedom and community development.

A free market solution to secure life liberty and property


How Can blockchain Technology Solve the Problem of Poverty and Unemployment in Africa?

Education! That’s it. It’s actually very simple. I believe that no amount of financial aid can cure poverty because poverty is not a disease of the pocket, it is a disease of the mind.

But how do we facilitate this education, the contemporary classroom experience will not suffice. Technology is bringing so much rapid change to the world and the education systems cannot keep up. Online courses and contents are great. There are many online influencers that help to break down the most complex ideas and make it easy for the simple man to understand. One of such Teachers is Dallas Rushing. But what happens when the people you want to educate are not online? What happens when they cannot afford to be online? What happens when they don’t have smartphones? What happens when they cannot afford data/internet subscription? These are some of the problems are that EmpowermeEOS is aiming to solve.

The problem

Some people cannot afford to be online because they cannot afford smartphones nor internet subscription. They are therefore effectively cut off from any hope of financial liberty that comes with the internet and blockchain technology.

The solution Provide people with smartphones and teach them how they can use it to profit using the Karma app. Engage them in a vlog educational challenge where they vlog about the things you want to teach them. Thereby turning the student into the teacher. Empower them with technology, education, mentorship, and community. Incentivize empowered people to empower others. Why Karma?

Inspiration: The Karma app is the in...

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