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Earn $50 in EOS with Coinbase earn program.

Coinbase earn is at it again, now offering EOS on the program. How do you get your $50 in EOS? Simple, you log in to your coinbase and complete there learn program for EOS giving you $10 in EOS. This will take about 10 mins of video and questions about what you learned. The rest is referrals to coinbase earn EOS, each one is worth another $10. The referral link will look like mine here: [https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/2bkfzv80](https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/2bkfzv80) I have 2 of the 4 spots remaining on my referral link. I am bringing this information to you all here. Please use my link as a referral so I can earn EOS too. Use of the link may work to get you off the wait list for the earn program too. There is more than EOS on the earn program, so use my referral link above and get started. For the XLM program works the same way. There is still a few other coins on the earn program, so don't miss out the additional bonus. Each video is about 2 mins and focuses on the specific coin. Remember that this program is limited and only available because the developers have a partnership with coinbase. If you are new to Coinbase, and you want to get started dm me for a referral to to earn an extra $10 on new accounts, which is there standard bonus on referral of new accounts. So why are they giving it away? Simple it benefits them, and EOS to do so, spreading influence and knowledge of the specific coin(s). Those holding the coin in question benefit by new blood in the market being comfortable enough to invest. Why did I post this? Because as an EOS holder, I value the amateur and above market learning more about this. My hope is to see a further increase in value. Also doesn't everyone want an extra $10 More info on coinbase earn here: [https://blog.coinbase.com/earn-cryptocurrency-while-learning-about-new-digital-assets-cc2df3537fc7](https://blog.coinbase.com/earn-cryptocurrency-while-...
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