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Does RAM price really effecting Dapp developers ?

Does RAM price really effecting Dapp developers project ? because of it, are we not able to launch the applications? are they going to table there concerns to EOS community ? I believe just raising there concerns to developers or block producers won't solve there issues. they should put these concerns infront of EOS community.
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Trust Dice : EOS Blockchain Game Experience

Hello, I guess we have blockchain game players here. I want to talk about my playing experience of Trust Dice. Trust Dice is a blockchain based dice game that you can gain more as you introduce the…
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Bravo Protocol | A Thoreau Analysis P

I recently wrote a Thoreau Analysis on a project called BRAVO Protocol where I gave a general overview of the project and detailed why it stood out to me. After doing some research on BRAVO Protocol…
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Roll For Good with KARMA On BetDice

In addition, we are donating an initial 500 EOS to support KARMA’s charities, and will also be donating 10% of the house edge when you play with KARMA. Chat with us on Telegram! https://t.me/betdice…
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Yum.games: My First Dividends (Proof)

This is already the fourth part of the Yum.games series. It was not planned to write a series, but due to the numerous comments I am highly motivated to keep you up to date. My previous articles about...
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