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DAPP Meme Contest! 90k DAPP tokens to win!!!

With all the excitement in the DAPP Network community over the Bancor DAO vote on the proposal to whitelist DAPP for single sided staking and 500k BNT co-investment, it feels like the right time to host a #DAPPMeme contest! ​ Share your best work as a comment to the tweet linked above or here in the DAPP Network Telegram ([http://t.me/LiquidAppsOfficial](http://t.me/LiquidAppsOfficial)) group for a chance to win some DAPPs! Don't forget to retweet your comment and you'll get even more bonus points for sharing your memes in all relevant groups you believe vBNT stakers may be hanging out! ​ 1st Place: 50k DAPPs 2nd Place: 25k DAPPs 3rd Place: 15k DAPPs ​ Multiple entries are allowed and are highly encouraged!!! ​ https://preview.redd.it/xljvqnp1yqc71.png?width=612&format=png&auto=webp&s=e24752d96c9ffca5c04dea08ffb166f335e75e1c
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