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DApp Activity Comparison: Ethereum, IOST, TRON, and EOS


Proof of Stake is the second oldest implemented consensus protocol for blockchains. Naturally, lots of distributed networks are built using it. Once Ethereum finishes the planned transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, possibly, within a month or two, it will become the largest used consensus by the market cap. Currently, the top 100 PoS coins have a combined market cap of over $15 billion, and it seems to be the only growing market at the moment.

The Delegated Proof of Stake, a much-improved consensus protocol, has gained rapid popularity lately, and already has a combined sector market cap of more than $12 billion.

Once the Ethereum transition is over, PoS and DPoS coins will collect almost $60 billion in total estimated value.

One of the major distinctive features of modern PoS and DPoS blockchains is the ability to run complex dApps, the presence of sophisticated smart contract infrastructure, and the overall usability of such a functionality. Currently, IOST, TRON, EOS, and ETH are the most advanced blockchains in terms of computation support, and they all have sufficient infrastructure to run fully-pledged dApps that are easy-to-use by an average person.

Daily Usage of DApps

Currently, EOS is the most popular blockchain for dApps in terms of daily usage, seeing over 65,000 active users each day. It is followed by the pioneer of distributed computing in blockchain, Ethereum, with just under 19,000 daily active users. TRON currently has about 15,000 unique addresses transacting with dApps each day, with rare spikes of up to 35,000 users. Finally, IOST, the relatively new player on the market, has already surpassed the 17,000 user mark.


These numbers suggest that the dApp developers quickly embraced the first attempts to build a fast and light blockchain capable of running smart contracts, and the heaviest user base is still devoted to EOS. However, the newer competitors...

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