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Daily Discussion - Friday May 18

Hello everyone, 2 weeks from launch! Some notes: - Block.one has released a series of 2 min videos the past week, talking about VC funding and other topics. See the [EOSIO Youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbc7vIgwb-sPSckU0FbWmRg) for more details. - EOS is launched by the community. Many of the tools required for voting and other functions have to be built by the community and devs are stretched - an initiative has been started to fund a block producer voting portal, so we can all vote and research our BP candidates more effectively. [Read more and donate here](https://steemit.com/eos/@summerskin/attn-eos-community-we-need-your-help-20180517t215712980z-post). Go EOS!
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From the FAQ: The EOS Wall project was born as a proof of concept of EOS DAPP. Every user that has an EOS account can buy a portion of the wall called slot. A slot is composed by a title, an image and...