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Cypherglass Announces New Website & Services

[Cypherglass Builds Blockchain Infrastructure](https://i.redd.it/ayz2r938arp31.png) As the EOS Ecosystem evolves and changes, many Block Producers have offered new services in addition to simply producing blocks or operating as a standby BP. Over the last 2 years, Cypherglass has built many tools for the EOS community including Glass, Windshield, and our voter tool, Lens. We are the main sponsor for [Everything EOS](https://www.everythingeos.io), the leading community Youtube channel for EOS news and interviews, and have offered several bounties including the $100,000 Ledger and Trezor bounties, which have both been claimed. Partners from Cypherglass continue to build other businesses like [EOS Name Service](https://www.eosnameservice.io) and are owners in other on-chain businesses like [dmail](https://dmail.co), where we offer our strategic insights, and marketing experience to help grow those products. Even with all of that, many in the community don’t think of Cypherglass as an engineering heavy BP; however we have one of the most experienced teams in the EOS landscape for Infrastructure and Engineering. Today we would like to formally announce our new website, which outlines an evolution of our business, and now includes several new offerings, the biggest of which is our new DSP Services division. [https://www.cypherglass.com/dapp-service-provider-dsp](https://www.cypherglass.com/dapp-service-provider-dsp) Available Dapp Services BLOCKCHAIN CONSULTING The Cypherglass team is made up of industry veterans with several decades of combined experience in the blockchain space. Our team can help guide your project from conception to completion with our strategic consulting services. DAPP DEVELOPMENT Dappiness is a dapp development company specialized in building decentralized apps of any size. Their talented team has successfully worked with a variety of projects, both large and small. MARKETING / MEDIA SERVICES The Cypherglass team has several decades o...
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