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Crypto Manic Preying Your Every Move, Be Aware.

The day I lost a million dollars.

Before I start , can you calculate this for me 1,842 BTC,13,929 DASH, 619,190 BCH, 264,992 NEM, 7,643,993 BURST, 2,329,436 OmiseGo, 117,602 LTC. Got the total? Convert it into your local currency. Keep that in mind, this will make your ears burn.

I feel obligated to tell you this SAD, but true story. It happened to someone and if I do not tell it to you, I would not forgive myself for not doing so. So here is yours as well as a chance to teach myself how to never again fall in the same pit thrice. I say thrice in bad breath since those are episodes that I would rather forget, however, I can’t, about that later.

Okay, having said that, it is understandably exciting when you win a lottery especially when the total sum is over $1000000 you know itis a feeling that everyone would want to one day experience, if ever. The joy, the atmosphere, you know it’s cool to express yourself with a super high degree of emotions, good emotions !. Feels like you have reached the utmost limits of the sky.

That’s why they say once in a Million, it’s that rare.

I purposefully evoked the winning emotions, because my story has the opposite feeling. Especially when you have held the winnings not in days, not for months but for years. And in a few minutes, you lose everything in front of your very own eyes.  As my hero in this story says

I was not away – they did it very quickly and I could literally see how they drained my wallets.

I wonder if it happened that way, however I can for sure tell you, it was fast. When this happens to you, it’s sad, demeaning and desperate. I mean the worst of feelings.

I am into programming, but most of these dare, heartless beast baffles me.

Before I come back to my hero’s TRUE sad story, my sad encounter is nonetheless sad as is intriguing. Unlike my hero, I do not lose a million dollars, I, however, did pay a price.

My 1st and the worst encounter was when I bought a...

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