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Corrective Market Is Ending. The 2019 Bull Market Wave Pattern for This Year Is In!

BitcoinTracker back.  What I described in my blogs are playing out as predicated. The last leg of Corrective Market will start running at the 100-day moving average.  With the Corrective Market coming to an end around 17-24Mar19, thereafter the  bull market will begin. I have put together the upcoming wave patterns for the 2019 Bull Market. The numbers will seem as though I am predicting the future. However, I can look back in history. I have developed a BBlochainge Wave Strategy that allows the formulation of future wave patterns. Using BBlochainge Wave Strategy information will allow your trading activity to produce a series of winning limit orders that can be cost effective every time. The wave is a subjective wave analysis that follow rules and guidelines of the Elliott Wave Theory (EWT) that can be used to help identify your position within the overall progression of the market.  As explained in previous blogs, the bull market has three upward impulse wave patterns.  They are 1, 3, & 5. The first wave impulse will have a gain of 160.35%, third wave impulse will be 158.59% and fifth wave impulse will be 140.04%. The retracement of second wave is 57.31% and fourth wave retracement is 48.53%.  Knowing when to get off each wave is a profit-saving event.  Now, you are one up on everyone else. I will take his strategy live later this year. Trybe members are getting  first view at the main 5-wave pattern. The 5-subwave pattern looks inside each individual wave pattern to produce a chart similar to the one below to get on and off on each individual wave.  

The price action numbers are open due to the expectation of an influx of buying.  I know what the number is but giving it out now would not be believable. The price action ending Corrective Market expects to be between $2960-$3104. The estimated price action for first wave should reach $8070 ($3100 x 1.6035) at a minimum. I am sharing my information with all my friends that commented while I develope...

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