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Confirmed: Dan will continue developing on EOS and voice tokens will be on EOS

Here some tweets from Dan today 17. of February 2021: ​ Dan: "I’m gonna use the resources I do have to fund a team to build free software that isn’t attached to a dependency on a private company." Q: "Does your plan consider to **make EOS ecosystem better?**" Dan: "**Yes**" Dan: "To the extent tokens are needed an airdrop on EOS is likely. I hope you understand that I don’t want to create any situation where people buy EOS as a means of “investing” in a new token. If a new token were needed I would recommend a snapshot date prior to announcement." Dan: "Please understand that my definition of better may be different than yours and do not place undo hope on me meeting your expectations. I aim to give what I can without promising results." ​ Dan: "**B1 is putting voice tokens on eos** and #bullish may also integrate with #eos. Things change so fast at B1 that I’m just as in the dark as everyone else is about how everything will come together." Dan: "There is one big reason to keep your mouth shut, expectation management. Better to keep quiet until just before launch or the community will hound you for every pivot. I like to error on oversharing. B1 wants to act like Apple and wait until everything is done."
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