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CoinGecko Releases 2018 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report

Our CoinGecko 2018 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report has just been released! This is the 5th report that we have published since the release of our first report in Q3 2017. We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to share our insights and would love to hear your feedback on our current report.

In this Q3 report, we analysed the performance of the crypto market with insights into crypto exchanges and ICOs. We also partnered with Masternodes.Online and NonFungible.com to prepare special sections looking deeper into the growing masternodes and non-fungible tokens space. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Masternodes.Online and NonFungible.com for the insights that they have provided into these emerging crypto segments.

Download CoinGecko 2018 Q3 Report Top Coins Performance

With the exception of Ethereum, all other top 5 coins made a positive year-on-year return. EOS was a notable standout as it still has a 700% return year-on-year. Ethereum has been on a difficult year with prices falling 22% below what it was one year back. This has been mainly due to the slowdown of the ICO market and also because many ICO teams have been selling their ether to fiat currencies to preserve value.

Crypto Exchanges and Trans-Fee Mining

Q3 saw many exchanges adopting a controversial strategy called “Trans-fee Mining” to boost exchange trading volume. Trans-fee mining is the “mining” or creation of new exchange-based tokens via rebates of the exchange’s transaction fees.

This strategy was first made popular by a newly launched exchange called Fcoin but was soon copied by almost all other exchanges with Chinese links such as Coinbene, Bitforex, ZB, OKex and so on. The introduction of trans-fee mining have significantly changed the dominance rank for cryptocurrency exchanges in Q3 as compared to Q2.

Despite bearish sentiments throughout Q3, we are seeing strong growth in exchange trading volumes. Exchanges with trans-fee mining are ...

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