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Coinbase Starts Council, Gives EOS 3.75! Start Sending Complaint Letters, Help Improve EOS Ratings!

* **LINK https://www.cryptoratingcouncil.com/asset-ratings** * **CONTACT FORM https://www.cryptoratingcouncil.com/contact** Coinbase and others have launched a rating council to judge whether crypto assets constitute a security or not. This is important because it could in the future mean the difference between a very liquid asset and a thinly traded asset (meaning your investment is at stake ... yes I get the irony here) EOS and Tezos were both given very unfavorable ratings and I think their definition of decentralization is very narrow and does not reflect actual decentralization efforts by both of these. I therefore went ahead and wrote this letter: >Good day, > I would like to inform you that the EOSIO software is one of the most forked on github. You can compare the numbers between the most popular Ethereum client and EOS here: > https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/graphs/contributors https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/graphs/contributors > What's further, EOSIO has launched more "active" blockchains than just about any other software in the industry. Proof: https://blocktivity.info/ > Yes Bitcoin has more forks by numbers but not actual activity. > This makes EOSIO software fundamentally more decentralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin because the software is being forked and further developed by other people. > Your definition of decentralization is narrow in scope and does not accurately reflect reality. > I therefore question your entire rating council and your agenda. The amount raised is irrelevant when the software itself is amongst the most (commercially) forked in the industry which clearly indicates a broad effort of decentralization that eclipses that of any other blockchain``` Please rewrite this in your own words and submit it to the council to make them aware of this! Why does this matter? Uninformed audiences including the SEC may use wrong ratings for their own purposes. We should be pro-active as a community in taking a stand agains...
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