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Chinese chain-integration for all or how to conquer the world!

Friends, Hello to all and good mood! On the sidelines of the TRYBE germinate new ideas. We talk a lot about the rise and fall of the market scriptaction, new projects, the development of blockchain, the prospects of EOS. A lot of smart and advanced guys share news and ideas of the crypto industry! It pleases me very much and I am glad to be among you! But what worries me is that when I come home, go back to the world of my family and friends, communicate with friends, it is that as soon as it comes to the crypto industry, blockchain, bulls and bears sharing the market, then immediately a kind of misunderstanding or a complete lack of interest or between us will be a wall! Yes, friends, while we are here at TRYBE building a new world and are the pioneers of the new expanses of the blockchain, most people around us just heard something about it and do not really understand what it is. What am I getting at with this long introduction? It’s simple! If we want an economic miracle, if we want our loved ones to be with us, we must give them a clear and simple tool! Mass integration and mass product. So my leader rankings! Chinese miracle! ONECHAIN

I’ve talked about this project before, but ONECHAIN deserves a much more detailed story. So what is special about this project and why did it become my leader? Let’s start with white paper http://bit.ly/2Nyl90X

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of bitcoin started a new era of digital assets. The core

value of this is that everyone has complete freedom of control over wealth and information. This

is a civilians movement. However, there are still many problems to be solved in orderto

popularize this technology, mainly in the aspects of wallet ease- of-use, privacy of communication,

trading performance and safety.

Based on the blockchain technology, this project will develop mobile apps with integrated universal

wallet, lightning transfer, blockchain exchange and P2P ...

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