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CCXT Alternative - The Pro Cryptocurrency Trading API

There are rate limit considerations, data processing issues, and API key management concerns. Scaling a trading service to 100,000 active traders is much more complex than managing the portfolio of a single trader. The required infrastructure stack is complicated.

CCXT attempts to solve this problem by providing an open source library. This library can be used in your custom infrastructure to interface with each exchange.

But, CCXT isn’t Perfect

While CCXT attempts to accomplish a lot, there is very little it masters. The complex library they have developed has become a stumbling block for many developers. Integrating CCXT still means a significant portion of the work is placed on the application developers to figure out. CCXT is designed in a way which mandates developers still write custom code for each exchange.

But that’s not even the worst part.

CCXT is a software-only solution. Each developer must build and scale their own infrastructure which meets the specifications of each exchange when using CCXT. This is a huge burden for developers that continues to incur massive development costs for years to come. Hundreds of servers are required to manage requests from users, store data, monitor rate limits, route orders, handle exchange errors, securely store API keys, authenticate users, process live data, develop custom order execution flows, and analyze the market is real-time.

Developing with CCXT is a lot of work. A Professional Alternative

Instead of providing a software-only library, Shrimpy is a full infrastructure solution for those developers who want a single access point to every major exchange. A single set of APIs which unify the way you execute orders, collect data, and securely manage users. That means there is no exchange specific code. Every exchange is integrated in the exact same way.

Shrimpy requires no special rate limits for individual exchanges, and you can scale indefinitely without ever re...

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